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17 more red tree vole Nests in the Picket West sale.

November 6, 2017

The map below shows new nest discoveries in unit 3-5.  The green circles are new active nests and the blue flags are nests previously found earlier in the summer (active and inactive).  This survey effort shows complete colonization of unit 3-5 and it should remain untouched in order to provide for the persistence of the red tree vole in low elevation old growth stands such as those represented in unit 3-5 (typical elevation is 1800-2000 feet).  PW3-5.png

Below are some great photos taken inside unit 3-5


An old growth madrone that survived a fire about 100 years ago.


The town of Selma can be seen from the unit.  It’s about 5 minutes from the main intersection.


“Chicken of the Woods”  edible mushroom.  The stand of nearly 1 square mile of intact forest provides many opportunities for recreation and mushroom hunting.


The tree in the background is a sugar pine.  The ground surveyor selected this tree and NOT the old growth douglas fir.  The sugar pine had a visible nest but it’s more likely that the old growth douglas fir has a tree vole nest.  The visible nest in the sugar pine is probably a squirrel nest.  The ground surveyor, lead by biologist Jason Reilley, refused to mark old growth douglas firs unless there was a visible nest.  RTV nests can be as small as the size of a fist.  It’s unlikely to see them in the massive canopies of OG trees, especially if they are concealed in the trees cavities.  That’s why the ground survey was flawed and lead to missing a lot of RTV nests.


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