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NEST surveyors efforts lead to the preservation of about 27 acres of red tree vole habitat in the Lang Dam timber sale.

March 20, 2017

Lang Dam is located near Cougar Hot Springs in the McKenzie Ranger district.   Nest surveyors spent roughly a week surveying the two units of the timber sale that had decent red tree vole habitat.  We found 12 nests and the Forest Service accepted our data and used our information to create red tree vole habitat buffers.  Below is a map of the habitat buffers that were created by the U.S.F.S. biologist who is working on the Lang Dam project.  Red tree vole buffer lang dam

Below is a picture of one of the nests found at Land Dam.  It was a nest inside the cavity of an old growth tree.  Units 210 and 220 were a mix of old growth remnant trees (trees that survived a catastrophic event such as fire or disease leading them to be significantly  older than the rest of the trees in the stand)  and younger forest, possibly 80-100 years old.  Those two units had older forest with remnants.  Red tree vole nest lang dam

Below is a picture of the nest that is inside the cavity pictured above:

red tree vole nest LD

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  1. July 31, 2017 4:26 pm

    Please not that the title has been edited to reflect a change in the amount of acres dropped. The title had 16, but the amount is now 27 due to an update from the Forest Service that reads as follows:
    The error in the EA regarding units 210 and 220 has been fixed in EA, Appendix E and the
    project map. The status of the two units in the Final EA is as follows:
    • Unit 210 consisted of 15 acres that was dropped entirely due to Red Tree Voles (RTV).
    • Unit 220 consisted of38 acres and 12 acres was dropped due to RTV. Twenty-six acres
    of this unit is proposed to be managed.

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