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climbing season in full effect!

July 29, 2010
the view from the top

This is what a forest canopy looks like, from the top of a tree!

we’re out in the mountains again! this is what we’ve been building up to this past winter and spring, with climb training, tabling and fun-raising parties.

we’re having to scamper up steep slopes to get to the climbing area, but it’s been totally worth the sweat and toil. i’ll post a few photos here (and apologies for the fuzzy focus of some), but there are so many amazing trees in the area, we could not take photos of all of them, or we wouldn’t have time for tree vole surveying.

as of the 27th, we had found 10 nests in one proposed sale. in that same unit – and the adjoining one – we have seen some  massive douglas fir trees. though the majority of the forest is second growth, the loggers left many remnants. most of the remnants are huge trees with broken tops. after losing their original tops, these trees formed new tops with huge, upturned limbs. some of these limbs are bigger than some of the

climbing a giant doug fir

this is what we do

trees we’ve climbed. photos cannot do these amazing, wild trees justice, but i’ll post a few anyways.

to really appreciate these giants, you’d have to see them in person, so look up the contact info on this blog and come join us! visitors are welcomed, so don’t feel like you have to do anything more than come out and enjoy our forests!

NEST 2010 camp

This is us, preparing to go out climbing, with our forest bling!

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